Golden Pandas / Root Systems Agreement

Financial Model

Retainer of 12 hrs per week at $50 p.h. on business development.

Tiered commission of contracts managed by Golden Pandas 2%, 4%, 6%, 8% based off Root Systems buffer levels (1-4 respectively)

Discovery Workshops are priced and lead by Golden Pandas and Root Systems staff are paid per hour for participating.

Profit share logistics

Profit share will be paid to Golden Pandas once money has been received from clients. This is to prevent payment being sent before the client has agreed to and paid the invoice.

Each project must be a separate line item on the invoice. E.g:

Enspiral Academy, 4% of $2000 development time, $80
Enspiral Accounting, 4% of $6000 development time, $240

This will be paid to Golden Pandas on a project by project basis once Root Systems has been paid by the client.

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