Every week we meet over lunch to check-in about our current happenings - mental states, personal events, lives in general.

This is a safe space for us to share what's up with each other. What you say here, stays here.

Away day

Every month, or as desired, we meet somewhere out of our normal space, to jam on group activities.

This is a productive space to coordinate and swarm on anything that needs to be done.


Every quarter we meet somewhere out-of-town for 2-3 days to catch up with the bigger picture.

This is a chill environment for us to relax and spend time with each other. Maybe we gather some retrospective feelings and set some forward-thinking strategy.


Every year we spend 4-7 days somewhere out-of-town to set our annual big picture strategy.

This is basically a long retreat with a specific focus on large-scale business planning and coordination.

To comply with the Companies Act we also use this meeting as our Annual General Meeting for shareholders (all of our shareholders are members)

We follow this format for the formal part of the meeting.

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