What We Do

We do tech consulting and bespoke software development for clients, while also developing products internally we think will facilitate bringing about the change in the world we want to see.

Working With Us

Our approach to building great software is centered around design thinking and agile rhythms.

Here's an example of our ideal external consulting contract:

  • You, the client, have an existing source of revenue and want to build a new or replace an old software product or service
  • We start with a series of collaborative discovery workshops to focus and clarify the problem we're solving with you
  • We connect with relevant stakeholders to refine the scope into clear and actionable job stories, preferably with accompanying executable specifications
  • We begin our iterative development process, charging hourly rates as fuel to push the vehicle forward
  • We continue to check back in with stakeholders at each relevant cycle, to ensure our work matches the needs of your business

Internal Work

We plan our economic needs, wants, and offers together (i.e. selling services, saving money, buying food), to ensure sustainable livelihood for all our members. We divide revenue of the company according to our financial agreement. We maintain a rhythm of coming together to discuss the company and ourselves, often over delicious food.

Our products are the primary focus of our internal software development time.

Dev Philosophy

We practice continuous improvement in our work. Practically, we invest in the toolbelt we carry with us:


  • dogstack, a popular-choice framework for production web apps with plugins:


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