The purpose of a director is to keep the business running long term (as opposed to a Coordinator) by managing risk and making sure progress is being made towards our strategic activities set at the last retreat.


  • Hold coordinators to account
  • Sign off all proposals and supporting coordinators to manage risk
  • Making sure we are fulfilling all legal obligations under the Companies Act
  • Making sure contracts exist and are signed where appropriate
  • Coordinate tax payments


  • The Directors follow the advice process. This includes bubbling important decisions up to Members as a consensus decision if needed.




  • Monthly meeting with second director to discuss issues, finances and projects

Change of directors

If a director would like to step down, by law a director must resign by letter to the listed Root Systems address

A director of a company may resign office by signing a written notice of resignation and delivering it to the address for service of the company. The notice is effective when it is received at that address or at a later time specified in the notice.

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