Activity Types Agreement

We have assessed these types of activities that members carry out within Root Systems:


This is time allocated for the member to spend however they like for play or health.

For example, this is the activity type a member is 'doing' when they are on leave or sick.



This is contracting work with the outside world - usually software development, but could include any other types of consulting work.


This is either internal work towards development of a Root Systems product, or personal development / upskilling of a member (i.e. conferences, training) that is carried out with explicit approval of the group.


This is time spent towards the administration of the business - typically work done as part of either a coordinator or director role. The intention is that many of the administration tasks necessary for the company to run will be broken out into 'micro-roles' (i.e. invoicing clients) and these can be delegated by the coordinators to other members of the group.

Though internal activities may not be paid differently, there is a recognition that administration must always occur compared to investment, and that the members are likely to prefer working on investment!

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