Self-Management Agreement

Root Systems believes in having agreed processes to coordinate as a group via commitments and hold us each accountable to our commitments. Good processes alleviate the need for rules and enforcers.



Root Systems Coordinators plan our long-term Team coordination strategy:

  • who is working on what Team project, and
  • what role on each project is expected.

If a Root Systems Member desires a change in project or role, they should direct the request to the Coordinators.


Root Systems Members schedule, based on the Scheduling Guide and the various Activity Types,

  • 3 months in advance their rough intent for days on Personal or Team.
  • 2 weeks in advance their clear plan for projects on Team days.

This scheduling should describe:

  • what days does a Member intend to be Personal or Team?
  • what projects does a Member plan to work on Team days?

Members will update their schedule to reflect changes they make due to unforeseen circumstances. For example: getting sick.


Daily Stand-up

Members meet at 10am each morning during the week for stand-up, a quick meeting for surfacing:

  • how are you feeling (checkin)?
  • what did you say you were going to do on the last working day?
  • what did you actually do on the last working day?
  • what are you going to do today?
  • are you blocked by anything?

This should be done remotely via Slack if Members are unable to be there in person.

Time Tracking

Members track time worked on any Team project.

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